Български курс по бифуркации и комплексни коронарни интервенции, 22-23 януари 2016 г. - PDFs

Български курс по бифуркации 2016

Презентациите са изнесени по време на петото издание на Български курс по бифуркации и комплексни коронарни интервенции, който се състоя на 22 - 23 януари 2016 г. в Токуда болница София.

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Prof. Azfar Zaman: SMT and 10 years of Biodegradable Polymer experience
Nikolay Stoyanov, Vasil Velchev: No Reflow Phenomenon- How to Avoid and How to Treat
Ioannis Iakovou, MD: The newly implanted stent looks funny. Longitudinal deformation - how to avoid and how to treat
BBC2016: Pericard Anatomy
Georgi Mazhdrakov: How to perform a pericardial drainage in case of big recurrent effusion
Ferenc Nagy MD,PhD: FFR assessment for complex lesions (LM, Bifurcation, Tandem lesions) - validity and how to evaluate
The Synergy Stent: Optimal healing in complex patients
Mariann Gyöngyösi: The ACCRUE Analysis: Stem Cell Therapy In Acute MI Revisited
Dobrin Vassilev MD, PhD: Clinical cases BiOSS
Dobrin Vassilev MD, PhD: BiOSS Expert and BiOSS Lim stents for bifurcation lesions. Analysis of pooled data from POLBOS I and POLBOS II randomized trials.