Ventricular assist devices E-book Edited by Jeffrey H. Shuhaiber

Ventricular assist devices are here to stay and will stand the test of time. The imaginative frontier is a reality with multiple venues for active clinical, basic and translational research. Clinically applicable assist devices for short-, intermediate- and long-term support have improved signifi cantly in the last ten years. Current devices are downsizing with enhanced durability and reliability. The associated complication burden including thomboembolism and hemolysis remain a limitation that is not insurmountable in the near future.

Patient selection and technical surgical performance are the key aspects to successful surgical outcome following device insertion. The assist devices will continue adding a large number of years of life to humans globally and empower the medical society to optimize heart failure therapy. While expensive and cumbersome task, the foundation provided in this book refl ects a contemporary product of original research from a multitude of diff erent experts in the fi eld. The book has been organized into parts refl ecting the process by which the caring physician is involved.

Part 1 identifies contemporary indications for device placement, part 2 reviews the role of echocardiographic imaging for ventricular assist device and mycoarium, part 3 identifies current cellular research prior and following assist device support, part 4 reviews the various types of devices available and their effi cacy both with regard to short term and long term outcomes, part 5 reviews the three major complications following device insertion; infection, stroke and arrythmias, part 6 refl ects some thoughts on managing these patients following hospital discharge and part 7 provides most recent research on patients who had assist device explanted following heart transplantation.

We hope this cumulative international effort provides the necessary tools for both the novice as well as the active practitioner aiming to change the outcome of these complex patients.

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